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Friday, November 18, 2016


So I've been toying with the idea of begin a stay at home mom. I love my kids, foster adopted, and bio. I have always worked even having a lot of kids, I've always felt compelled to contribute to our house hold finically .   I posted my question on FB should I stay or should I go, hoping my friends would way in on this big decision. Instead of it being just a random question, i was questioned and basically made to feel like complete SHIT!!! excuse that!  ITs MY DAM DECISION!!! if i choose to ask for advise on FB so freaking be it!! i know a lot of my friends who left jobs to stay home and was hoping for good advise, but what i got was dam freaking grief!!!! UGHHHH I post a DAM random post about a dream i had,, it was freaking  funny if you ask me,, but all of a sudden,, I'm a bully!!! who the hell did i bully in MY DAM DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so sick and tired of validating MY feelings, MY thoughts, MY what ever the hell i want to say basically!!!! If a post i make bothers you,, maybe you need to look at yourself. I don't judge any one.. I'm as messed up as the next. but  i ADMIT it.. i don't pretend to be perfect, good, great or what have you. Im human, with feeling, thoughts and ideas.  i WILL NOT EVER curb my values for yours! EVER!! and if that bothers you so freaking be it!!! Im DONE.   So very done worrying about what others think of me,, love me or hate me.. because at the end of the day.. i could give two shits!!!