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Sunday, April 29, 2012


wow,, not much more i can say,,, cept wow. i hate it when people assume,,,it makes an ASS out of U and ME!
 I posted something on my my fb wall and someone ASSUMED it was about them,,then blasted me with a status! WOW..

 feel as its all to me if that's how u feel talk to me I'm not a ass hole I liston .... all ur comments I read & to b honest I felt it was to me so I'm not gonna assume but I will make this clear I don't need nuthing from no one my son is well tooking care of by me nd me only people show him love & emotion nd its great since he don't have meny people in his life ..... also I love u n ur family to deathh I have tryeddd for 6 yrs to b the person u all want me too b but now I have to b a mother 2 the one that didn't get tooking from me the right wayyy as I feel is right for my son ... I don't use no onne I barely talk to anyone I'm bout to lv here n get my own nd when I do I won't b arround much to talk to anyone I have me n naythan to worry bout I need to make sure mhy life is good for naythans life to b goood idc no more bout what people think or sayy & when I read that I was like wow cause truely who would u be talking about ?? But if I'm rong then I'm sorry for assumin it was to me but the rest is factor ... cause I'm me regardlesss & I'm sick of thinking I have to kiss peoples ass to see kristopher it ain't far to me I have done nuthing but try n try nd if people truely care bout me then they will stick by me regardlesss includen all of u I shouldn't have to worry or care what u guys thinkk I should have to b scaredd to go out n be judged I'm 23 nd I have made a god dam good improvement in my life n if no one sees it screw um idc no more ..... I beeen going threw a lot but yet no one sees how I'm doing n truely care they jus being noisyy it don't work that wayyy I'm not trying at alll to start a fight I'm jus telling u how I feel honestly .....

Monday, April 23, 2012

COP OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been reading adoption information for years now, and the common denominator is that a birth parent says they place because its best for the baby! Im going to make this very easy for you to follow.   Here are a few of the reasons birth parents use for the reliquinshment of their child.

1.  I have  no money
2. I have no support
3. I have no stable place  to live
4. I have no baby daddy support
5. I have no way to finish school/graduate
6. I don't know how I will do it!

Ok , i have given you 6 GENERIC reasons birth parents give when they relinquish their child.
What do you see as the common demoninator>>> I I I I I
Not BABY, or my child, but I I I I I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No one can make me believe those reasons are legit!
Its a cop out!

There is  only ONE reason that can legit make adoption OK,  if  AFTER trying to parent, the birth parent realizes they are  unable to do it!!!
No child should be relinquished at birth! ITs  a total cop out if you do!!!!!!! UGH