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Sunday, April 29, 2012


wow,, not much more i can say,,, cept wow. i hate it when people assume,,,it makes an ASS out of U and ME!
 I posted something on my my fb wall and someone ASSUMED it was about them,,then blasted me with a status! WOW..

 feel as its all to me if that's how u feel talk to me I'm not a ass hole I liston .... all ur comments I read & to b honest I felt it was to me so I'm not gonna assume but I will make this clear I don't need nuthing from no one my son is well tooking care of by me nd me only people show him love & emotion nd its great since he don't have meny people in his life ..... also I love u n ur family to deathh I have tryeddd for 6 yrs to b the person u all want me too b but now I have to b a mother 2 the one that didn't get tooking from me the right wayyy as I feel is right for my son ... I don't use no onne I barely talk to anyone I'm bout to lv here n get my own nd when I do I won't b arround much to talk to anyone I have me n naythan to worry bout I need to make sure mhy life is good for naythans life to b goood idc no more bout what people think or sayy & when I read that I was like wow cause truely who would u be talking about ?? But if I'm rong then I'm sorry for assumin it was to me but the rest is factor ... cause I'm me regardlesss & I'm sick of thinking I have to kiss peoples ass to see kristopher it ain't far to me I have done nuthing but try n try nd if people truely care bout me then they will stick by me regardlesss includen all of u I shouldn't have to worry or care what u guys thinkk I should have to b scaredd to go out n be judged I'm 23 nd I have made a god dam good improvement in my life n if no one sees it screw um idc no more ..... I beeen going threw a lot but yet no one sees how I'm doing n truely care they jus being noisyy it don't work that wayyy I'm not trying at alll to start a fight I'm jus telling u how I feel honestly .....

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