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Thursday, June 7, 2012

adoption stupidity!

I hate DR DREW< i hate  his stupidity! I hate every thing about him!! 
I’m not anti-adoption. I have a successful open adoption, which of course means to say that I’ve worked my butt off, cried a thousand tears and done everything I can to make it work. I’ve lived with loss from my own adoption and what  my son may  feel  every single day. I’ve also had really great experiences. DR drew , of 16 and pregnant , You need to quit judging moms who choose parenting after considering placement. You need to get off their backs. You need to be aware that your judgmental tone, delivered to you by adoption agencies, will harm future mothers — and their children. You need to stop presenting yourself as a voice on adoption and let those who live it do the speaking. I rarely give the other mothers who were on your show a hard time, even though I don’t agree with the way they present themselves or adoption sometimes, because they’re living it. You? You, Dr. Drew? You’ll never understand what it’s like to carry a baby for nine months,  carry that baby to term, and then need for what ever reason place that child.  So stop pretending like you understand, like you care. Shut up!

I love my adoption experience with kristopher, not that it was easy, but that after all was said and done, im glad  i did it, im  glad, my girls experienced pure love!  im not anti adoption,, im anti stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!

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