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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Been so long since ive blogged, lots of things have kept me from it, im just glad to be back to my place to vent! Well brandi has graduated, jessika is a senior , ashleigh a freshmen, mikayla is now in her last year of middle school, brooke is in fourth grade and kristopher is entering kindergarten! wow! phew! kristopher is asking questions now, like why he has blue eyes and y we all have brown. how come he grew in kaylas belly, but hes so smart he answered that himself, cuz she couldnt take care of me and you loved me so much that you did! wow! hes a smart cookie. the questions are going to be getting harder to answer and i just pray that i will have the wisdom to answer them for him to his understanding . 
There was a headline in a magazine that i saw while shopping, it was of catelyn and tyler from teen mom ....
How would you feel if it were true — if you had gotten pregnant?
CL: You know, I would probably be a miserable wreck. I don’t know what I would do. If I did get pregnant right now, how would Carly feel? It wouldn’t be fair to her. When she got older, she would be like, “Oh, you placed me for adoption and then three years later you got pregnant and decided to parent? What’s wrong with me?

Simply saying, “We’re not ready yet. We’ve discussed it and it doesn’t feel right for us just yet,” would have sufficed.. We would have patted you on the back and said, “Hey! Good for you! Making the decision when to have and parent a child is hard and to know that you’re not ready is really responsible!” But instead, you had to throw some adoption rhetoric in there. You messed it all  up and cause people to be confused.
More over: Having a baby is not a bad thing. Even if it’s a surprise, even if you’re not 100% “ready.” Even if you’re scared. Even if you placed a previous child for adoption. Having — and loving and responsibly caring for — a baby is not a bad thing.

THAT is what i have to get across to my son!!!!!!

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