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Saturday, July 28, 2012

living life......finally

Wow, another summer almost over. One child in college, the other starting kidergarten!

Makes me think,,,its been 6 years since ive had a baby in the house. Got married at 20 and 21 , kid s at 21 and 22 and for the next 8 years after that~
THe longest stretch between babies were kristopher and brooke. Brooke was 4 when kristopher came along. Kris is going to be 6!!! wow

Sometimes i feel guilty, Guilty because im ok knowing im not going to have another baby in the house. Im ok with seeing naythan, hugging him, feeding tickling, and GIVING HIM BACK! LOL
Guilty that i have the means and im not going to have another baby come through my doors.

In a few short years i will have grand children, and i want to devote my energy to them. That makes me feel guilty in some ways knowing there are children out there who need help.

Ive grown to love my freedom, something i havent had in the almost 20 years ive been married~

I have great kids who will babysit for their dad and i to go out riding on sundays, and sometimes on the weekends!
I ve come to realize, im OVER the baby stage! Im all set!
Im happy and soo very content on living MY LIFE!
Guilt or no Guilt,,
Ive raised 6 children, taking care of a very ill mother and  now its MY time, and im so happy im young enough to enjoy it and my KIDS (no babies) : )

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