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Sunday, July 22, 2012

to be or not to be,,,that is the question

as the title says,,to be or not to be! ?
I was at a bday party this weekend for ,,,now follow,,,lol sons biological mothers brother who turned 21~

At the party were all his BIOLOGICAL "family" thus the title to be or not to be~

I didnt do alot of talking, i sat back and observed, observed him with his biological great grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, aunts, cousins etc. Such a strange sensation. In essence, my son has double the family, but he only calls one family. WHY? there are people our parents are friends with that they want us to call aunty or uncle so and so??? so why is it wrong if my son call the people who are biologically connected to him, aunty, uncle etc??

I will tell you,,,,,SOCIETY!!!! Society makes us think that Titles are oh so important! In my opnion throw them out the dam window~ Society says the term "first" parent?   Cmon, if you place a child for adoption at birth you are NOT a first parent but you want that title! The title goes to a person who tried, realized they were unable, and then  placed, if you place the child at birth, you are a BIRTH MOTHER! YA know why, SOCIETY!

People are sooo caught up with TITLES that they forget , forget that people can love others regardless if they are born to them, placed to them,

I think i should make up titles, like ,,your joe shamo from idaho, and your dick and jane, wonder if people will be fighting to get those names!  So maybe insead of my title being to be or not to be, it should be, family, or not!???


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