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Thursday, September 15, 2011

time is getting close :)

Well, kristophers bmom is due in just about a month! How exciting!!!!! Im super excited! Shes letting me be in the room when shes in labor (dear god dont let me faint) ! I have never experienced a birth other than the ones with my dam feet in the stirrups yelling GET IT OUT! Im honored to get to be a part of that, thats something im going to get to share with kristopher as he gets older and asks more questions, which brings me to this question,, How am i going to explain this baby to him?  hmmm
Techincally and biologically is half brother, but family dynamics, TEETEES baby.  Ive been doing alot of reading about this on line and basically NOTHING! Its sad actually, no one writes about this ,They either write about how adoptions sux, or how wonderful and easy it all is, basically looking through rose colored glasses.
Reality is,,, its not easy.  I want to be as open and honest as possible but  DAM its confusing lol even for adults, never mind kids. Not only am I going to have explaining to do, so is kris Bmom when her baby is old enough to ask  her question. Its  hard to find a safe explination where noone gets hurt, offended, etc.
The time is getting close, im excited for her, nervous for her, excited for me, nervous for me!
My hope and prayer in this is that I raise a happy, well adjusted little boy who loves unconditionally and understands situations, and that SHE is able to raise her son with the same values!

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