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Sunday, February 12, 2012

im back!

gosh its been a longg time since i blogged.  ive been busy, work, kids, taking care of my mom, its exhausting.  I blog alot about adoption, and how i like openess, but here is a reason i now want to take a step back. back in october, i received a txt from my birth mother, stating that SHE needs to work on her issues so she needs to be alone! hmmm isnt that the reason you gave me up? oh, wait she uses "placed" so more politically correct! NOT!
I allowed this stranger into my life, a life she chose to walk away from 40 years ago. Again, i get shit on! i must have a sign across my forehead, go ahead, shit on me! Not many people have to feel rejection 2 times in their life, but guess who won that prize too...ME! Rejected! I have an open adoption for my son because i dont want him to ever feel rejected, but sometimes i want to put him in a bubble so he never has to feel the pain that i do. Adoption shouldnt be a term that defines a person, it should just be a part of them, but for many like myself, it has become who we are, adopted, (given up, tossed aside) i hope adoption reform begins to change this, my hope is that no child will ever feel the pain of rejection and by having an open adoption from the get go will hopefully eleiviate this!

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