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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

wish, prayer hope!

there isnt much that gets me nervous, roller coasters, planes, needles, adoption. oh did i say adoption?
 Yup at times it makes me nervous.  Being adopted myself, i try not to let it define me.  Now that kristopher is getting older, i know the "real" time is comming.  If you ask him he will tell you he grew in tee tees belly.  Yet he  doesnt understand the full concept! ITs right around the corner and yup it makes me nervous.  Nervous that i wont live up to his expectations , that im not enough! Having Naythan here helps, it makes me feel better, because kris will know we accept naythan as part of our family .  people look at me and say,, wow u have it all together, when in reality i dont! im not an expert, im not perfect, im not  super mom, im just an average woman, going through life like every one! My girls know i love them, there isnt a doubt, but being adopted, as much as we love our son, im so worried that he wont feel it enough.  I want him to know that he not only has 5 sisters that love him more than life, but a biological brother who will hopefully look up to him someday, and kris can "show him the ropes" Thats my wish, thats my prayer, that's my hope!!!!!

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