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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


a while ago i typed a letter to my birthmother. It wasnt  meant to be warm and fuzzy, it was supposed to speak the truth.  The truth as i see it. 40 years ago she decided to place me and walk out of my life, and march 11 2009 i allowed her back in, only to yup, walk bak out again in octobWer of this year claiming she needed to work on her issue.

Well today she got the letter i wrote. needless to say she was pissed off!!! some how again i am the reason for her issues. i spoke the truth, she didnt "place me" she gave away her kid, and i said just that! no false statement there! She used to hold all the cards in her hands, didnt want me to tell my brother i exhisted, wanted full controll of our meeting, full control of when she met my family, well with that letter I TOOK BACK MY CONTROL!!!!!  IT KINDA SUX HURTING PEOPLE TO REGAIN MYSELF, BUT IT HAD TO BE DONE!

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