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Monday, August 13, 2012

freaking idiot!

This was off an open adoption site, what a freaking joke this woman is, she is the administrator of the site, this poor woman asked a question  .......

Hi, we are adoptive parents planning to adopt a baby girl due next month (9/20). the bmom lives in missouri and has health insurance under her mom’s coverage. we live in ca. By Missouri law, the child of the dependent does not get automatic coverage, so we would have to foot the bill for our baby;s birth and hospital stay. Because we are covered under Kaiser Permanente, and bmom is not giving birth at a KP facility, our insurance will not cover the baby’s expenses. Does anyone have any suggestions or knowledge about this type of situation? We are happy to cover for a well-baby’s normal stay, but if there are any complications, it can be tens or thousands of dollars. Any prior knowledge or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Hi poster, I think this is a question for your lawyer. But I did want to caution that unless you have already adopted a child, you are NOT adoptive parents. You are hopeful parents or pre-adoptive parents. Also the pregnant mom is NOT a birth mother; she is an expectant mother. She may be planning to place the child and she may go through with it but until those papers are signed, she is that baby’s mother and you are not adoptive parents.
These kinds of semantics are important both because language can be coercive (by calling a woman a birth mom before she’s given birth it’s a way of erasing her valid status as mother) and because it can set hopeful adoptive parents up for a level of entitlement that can harm the future relationship if the adoption goes through.

The woman IS a birthmother!!! she has every intetion on placing her child so she is a perspective birth mother!!!!!!!!! so as this stupid person says,,,shes  "hopeful birthmother" th

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