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Friday, August 17, 2012

so called christians

I watched a repeat episode of wife swap.
one wife an athiest the other a christian it was a recipe for disaster ,

THe christian mom and dad, suffocated their children by prayers not allowing them to go to school
or hang out with friends, while the athiest couple exact opposite, kids in school, in a band, out with friends.

The christian mom would not conform to the rules while the athiest mom, went to church even
though she was uncomfortable, read the bible, said grace etc, the christian mom would not go
trick or treating, tried FORCING the family to pray etc. Well to make a long story short,,,i love the athiest mom!!! She gave it all a chance while this closed minded CHRISTIAN woman did not shoGw
that only GOD can judge and judged these people!!! i wanted to puke!

I now have 4 teenagers and 2 little ones. i have NEVER stopped my kids from doing anything that cant harm them. Kids NEED to fail to learn how to pick themselves up and go on. this mother was not allowing her kids to do anything!
I will say that letting my kids breathe, go out with friends, play sports, get involved in school, i have very well rounded kids who i can be proud of. As a christian, watching that episode im embarassed that now people convieve all christians to be judgemental! In the end the athiest children who were in a band opended thier minds and wrote a song about GOD! while the so called christian mother still judged them by saying rock music is of the devil.

What some people have done to thier kids : (

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