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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Times, they are a changing

Yesterday was a first. I went with my daughter to choose a WEDDING DRESS!!! Where has the time gone?  For so many years I had little ones running amuck in the house. Ages ranged from 5,4,2,1! Busy busy busy! During those early years I sometimes wished time would hurry because I was exhausted, frustrated, and just kidded out! Time did begin moving along and I found myself with a a few in middle school, some in elemementary school and preschool. With that life was crazy hectic. Softball practice, softball games, birthday parties, sleep overs, school dances! ughhh. Again I wished for things to hurry along. Then in 2003 We added a 5th to this brood. Ages 9,8,6,5, Newborn. What were we thinking?  From finally sleeping all night to up again every 2-3 hours with a newborn. But again things began to normal out, then i got the crazy idea to do foster care. i know what was i nuts ??? We added our 6th child in 06. Now with teenagers all the way down to infant, it was drivers ed, permits, licences!!! The times WERE changing. Instead of my worries be of diaper rash, runny noses, falls, cuts, homework,, It was are they safe? Are they were they said they were going? Did they arrive safe? Did any one drink? The worries became so different. Boy what i would have done for those early worries. 
Then comes the boyfriends,  proms, graduations, college! How different life was becomming. Why did i want things to hurry along? Why did i want them to grow up? So to lessen my slowly empty nest, introuduce child 7 in 2014!  Now i am sure people were thinking i should be committed at this point.
So yet again, sleepless nights, colds, falls, cuts, bruises, developemental milestones,,bla bla bla.
Fast forward to 2016.. 3 Highschool graduates, 1 hairdresser, 1 college grad in banking, 1 hs grad working full time and going to school, 1 senior, 8th grade 4th grade , toddler. All the while my oldest announces her engagement!!!
With one in diapers and one getting married... boy Times they are a changing. And now, oh how I wished they could stay the same !

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