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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

who are we??

How do we define ourselves? that's a question ive asked myself a lot lately. I am a  mom, a daughter, wife, friend, aunt, niece, teacher, biker. There is also a lot more to me that I cant find adjectives to describe. I am navigating this open adoption basically on my own. I am a mom to my 5 girls and my 1 son. My girls have sisters and a brother, and my son has sisters and a brother, But there is a difference, He doesn't share a brother with any one! He has know about his adoption since he was able to understand. I have never kept the secret of him having a brother.  Latley ive had mixed advise/feelings from people. There are 2 basic things,,,,
1. omg you told him he has a brother??
2. Does he know why his brother isn't with him?
To both those questions the answer is a resounding YES!
I had to wait 37 years to know I had a sibling (brother) there was no way I was going to let my son loose out on what I lost out on. Yes he has sisters who let me tell you will show their claws if ANYONE messes with their brother! But  2 boys, brothers, that's something that will be special to him.  K (bio mom) and I are navigating this on our own! We have no help. We have no support except each other. Both of us have our fears going forward. I listen to her worries and she listens to mine. Our story is ever evolving! Not sure if I will ever be able to define myself as others do. Not sure she will, not sure my son will, but one thing is for sure, we are a FAMILY! That blood is thicker than water crap, can go take a hike! I will say, we may not be able to define ourselves as individuals, but saying Family sounds great to me!

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