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Monday, October 10, 2011


I love that my my story can educate people on open adoptions since they are so bogusly misunderstood! Today while registering in at the hospital, the lady says,,"i see u have a child with u," i respond "yes" She goes on to say,,"only siblings can visit in the NICU" I softly say "he is a sibling" she said "ohh i just heard him call you mommy" I looked and with out hesitation i said "YEP he DID" She said," well if his brother is upstairs, how can u be mom?" isnt mom with the infant?" So i said softly again, because kris doesnt understand the DNA of our whole situation, ... "Thats his biological brother , im his MOM, his birthmom gave birth and is in the nicu with the baby" ... LMAO thats all i can say,,she just said,,oh im sorry and gave me my pass to the nicu.

While upstairs with the baby, a nurse came in and AGAIN questioned who kris was,,

Nurse.."so who is this handsome guy"
Me... "Kristopher"
Nurse.. " and who is Kristopher to the baby?"
Kayla..pointing to ME says" he is the godmothers son"
Nurse.,.. "well only siblings can visit"
ME... "he is a sibling"
Nurse.. "kayla just said hes your son"
Me.. YUP
kayla..." i gave birth but hes HER son"
Nurse...VERY VERY confused at this point,,,"so hes a big brother?"
ME ,Kaya,,," YES SHHHHHH we havent gotton to that yet"
This poor nurse,,, so we let her off the hook,, and explained our complicated family dynamics to her!
She was shocked that we all have a relationship! i used this time to educated her on the benefits of open adoption, how my son deserves the truth about his life, both past and present and by having an open relationship im never lying, kaylas never lying and he will NEVER feel as though we were deceiving him!
She never realized what open adoption was! OMG are we not in 2011??? Is this world still so closedmined?? I wish I could devote my time and EDUCATE people on the benefits of open adoption! I hope that this blog will spread and people will open their hearts and minds to this, just as me, kayla, dan, and family have opened our hearts and minds to each other. This, like any other relations will have its ups and downs, but dont all families??????????


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