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Friday, October 21, 2011

kinda hurt..but its par for the course

Today naythan came for a visit..after seeing naythan and holding him it made me remember how wonderful and beautiful a newborn is. my son kristopher on the other hand is NOT happy with me! when it was time for naythan and kayla to leve he got mad becuse it was late and couldnt go with brandi to bring them home he said hurtful things to kayla and hurtful things to me. i cried!  he said to kayla.."i wish your baby died" then he said to me,, i dont love u! n

OMG talk about hurt! i know hes confused. after kayla left he said i dont want naythan to be here.
i remember telling my mom and dad..your not my REAL parents you cant tell me what to do!

Words hurt! i know he doesnt mean to ,,but did i cry,,,HELLL yes!
US adopted children persieve the world and ppl differently, i know what he means but that doesnt mean it doesnt hurt! this is par for the course... kayla gets to b the fun one and dan and i have to discipline, now it hurts to hear my son say things, but i have to remember,,,its natural!

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