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Friday, October 7, 2011

naythans here

how honored i was to be included in naythans birth plan. oh how i wish it went the way we all pictuerd.  But God had a different plan for kayla and naythan. No the birth wasnt picture perfect nor were the few days following, but it gave us all a wake up call. Life isnt a guarantee, its a GIFT!!!!! Naythan was given a gift, the gift of life that he will be able to share with his mom!!!

Im so glad hes here, hes my godchild, and kristophers half brother, here is where things get weird.
Kristopher knows he grew in kaylas belly, he knows the word ADOPTED, he knows and is mad that he didnt grow in my belly but knows that me his dad and sisters love him more than our own lives! in kristophers words,,,"u love me the universe ,,right" lol  kris has been an incredible gift to our lives!

Ive read many many blogs, articles etc about how to go about this open adoption, i either get the fanitics, or the liars.  THe fanatics theory,,,The adopted child should call the biomom,,,,MY FIRST MOM , then we have the liars,  who dont tell their adopted children anything,,ohhh thats just your auntie~ ughhhhhh where is the middle ground!?
I want kristopher to respect kayla, love her, but saying hi  my first mom kayla well its just NUTS
and to let him beleive shes a long lost family friend, thats NUTS as well. 
I wish there was more research into open adoptions.
But for know,,, kayla is TEETEE
Naythan is TEE TEEs baby
the rest will fall into place

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